Some of the pieces of glass are split in the ceiling.
Shawla, black spot march across the walls.

I have a smile on my cheeks, my rubbish on the ground, hundreds of hahahari

I do not know if she remembers,

I'm afraid to die ...

The night of death is a terrible night in the & nbsp; night of calmness,
But live a little bit everyday,

I remember the myths again.
Soundless breath, sometimes occasionally.
The cloud becomes his horrible ugly eyes!
Every time he is abhorrently hated,
he remembers the moment of the moment, the rapist!

I do not have the touch of love which is in the body. He would kill me every morning morning.
I cried, crying!
She laughed, smiled.

The days have not been evolution!
We do not die!

বাংলা (মূল রচনা)

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